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QS Search hosts workshop on Maximizing Potential Users with Douyin Search Ads on September 14th
Source: | Author:Candy | Published time: 2023-09-14 | 824 Views | Share:

QS Search successfully held a workshop with the theme "Maximizing your potential users with Douyin Search Ads." The workshop, organized by QS Search, shared the latest trends in the Chinese search industry and emphasized the importance of Douyin search marketing, as well as mentioning the search ad products of 2 other trendy app platform, XHS and WeChat.   


The workshop took place yesterday afternoon in Hong Kong and attracted participants from various industries. As the organizer, we sincerely thank all the participants for their support, which contributed to the success of the event. 

During the workshop, Adley Wong provided a detailed introduction to the characteristics and promotion methods of Douyin search ads. Adley emphasized that Douyin, as one of China's most popular short video platforms, plays a significant role in the digital era. He suggested that brands can reach more potential users in China through Douyin search ads. Through Adley Wong's explanation, attendees gained a deeper understanding of how to utilize Douyin search ads to increase brand exposure and user engagement.

According to the latest statistics, 98% of Chinese users prefer using mobile devices for search, with nearly 70% of them inclined to use short videos to access information of interest. Adley Wong shared with the attendees that Douyin, as one of China's most popular short video platforms, has a daily search volume of 600 million, with a vast user base and an active social scene. In this digital era, Douyin search has become an important channel for brand promotion and user acquisition. He emphasized the feasibility of maximizing potential users through Douyin search ads and shared some successful industry advertising cases to help attendees better understand how to design and optimize Douyin search ads effectively. 

Furthermore, to assist brands in entering the Chinese market smoothly and aligning their advertising with Chinese user habits, Adley also shared his insights with the attendees, pointing out that brands can leverage the characteristics and user habits of popular social media platforms in China for search marketing, which can help attract a larger target user group. Moreover, to enhance brand interaction with Chinese users and optimize digital marketing effectiveness in China, he also presented some solutions offered by QS Search, such as advertising auditing and risk assessment, and search engine content optimization. 

The workshop was filled with enthusiasm, and attendees gained a deeper understanding of the latest trends in the Chinese search industry, clarified the importance of utilizing Douyin search ads to maximize potential users, and learned about search marketing on other social media platforms as well. 

As a company specializing in search advertising, QS Search will continue to enhance its professional capabilities and provide efficient search advertising solutions for business owners and marketers. We will actively organize more similar workshops to help enterprises understand industry trends, grasp marketing strategies, and achieve greater business success. 

If you would like to learn more about Douyin search ads and other marketing services, please contact us immediately. We will tailor the best marketing strategy for you. Choose QS Search and embark on a new chapter for your brand in the Chinese market!    

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