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Unleashing the Power of WeChat Search Ad: Connecting Brands with Over 700 Million Searchers
Source: | Author:Clara | Published time: 2023-06-16 | 875 Views | Share:

In recent years, the search behavior of Chinese netizens has undergone a significant shift. As users increasingly prioritize vertical, social, and video platforms for their search needs, brands looking to reach China's massive market need to keep up with the latest developments.  This is where WeChat advertising comes in - with over 700 million monthly active users, it is quickly becoming a favored platform for brands looking to establish a deeper connection with Chinese consumers. In this article, we will explore how WeChat advertising is unleashing new opportunities for brands, and how QS Search can help you tap into this exciting market.

1. Choose WeChat Search as your preferred platform, both as an end-user and advertiser, and experience the considerable benefits it offers!

Data shows that there has been a shift in Chinese netizens' search behavior, with 55% of respondents expressing a preference for searching on vertical, social, or video-based websites or apps. Among them, WeChat has become a popular platform. As a search engine giant in China, Baidu has 657 million monthly active users, while WeChat's "Search" feature had surpassed 700 million monthly active users in 2022 and is still growing. Nearly 50% of users use WeChat to search every day, which highlights WeChat's growing user stickiness.

"Super Brand Zone" and "WeChat PPC" are the most commercially valuable advertising products on the WeChat search scene. 

1.1. Get more than just visibility with Super Brand Zone: Your gateway to connect, engage and convert your target audience!

When users search for brand-related keywords, companies can showcase their brand introduction, official accounts, online stores, offline stores, and other information in the Super Brand Zone. At the same time, it can direct consumers to private domain scenes such as mini-programs, public accounts, and video accounts. 

Super Brand Zone

1.2. Unlock new opportunities for business growth with WeChat PPC Ads: Expand your reach to new customers and markets!

Compared with the Super Brand Zone, WeChat PPC Ads can cover more business needs and search scenarios, marking the comprehensive improvement of WeChat's search advertising capabilities. 

Search Result AD

With these two products, WeChat's search ads can quickly convert traffic between public and private domain scenes, connect to applications such as mini-programs and video live streaming, and achieve real-time sales conversions in a one-stop-shop manner.

2. Discover the power of WeChat Advertising through success stories: Unlock the secrets to building meaningful connections with your customers!

For brands, the wider and richer WeChat search traffic, as well as the product conversion ability, means new room for growth, which is precisely what both of WeChat's advertising products achieve.


2.1 From Display to Conversion: Unveiling the Secret of WeBank's marketing success on WeChat's Super Brand Zone!

Taking the financial industry's WeBank as an example, the brand has placed brand-related words such as "Weizhong"(微众) and "WeBank banking"(微众银行) on the WeChat platform, using the Super brand zone to target various WeChat scenarios. Users can quickly jump to WeBank's official account, video account, mini program, activity H5, and other platforms through the brand zone, and conveniently obtain brand services with a single click. In addition, the popular activity section of the bank's Super brand zone not only gained more exposure through multiple activities, but also helped WeBank achieve the entire process from "product display" to "product conversion". Ultimately, WeChat's one-stop multi-scenario service successfully attracted users, with about 60% of users entering the official account or mini program through the Super brand zone.

WeBank's Super brand zone

2.2 Unlocking the potential of WeChat PPC Ads: Learn from Shifang and TAL Education's success stories!

WeChat PPC ads support the sale of various keywords such as brand words, category words, and general words. The following two educational brands achieved efficient brand conversion by customizing keyword combinations and embedding them into the search result page.


Shifang Education(十方教育) achieved a CTR that was 40% higher than the industry average by purchasing multiple types of search keywords such as "job hunting" and "recruiting", covering a variety of user intentions.

The famous educational brand "TAL Education"(学而思教育) expanded 40% of relevant traffic and increased the brand-related traffic coverage rate to approximately 70% by adding multiple search terms such as "TAL Education online school"(学而思网校) and "TAL Education second classroom"(学而思第二课堂), which represented an increase of about 130% compared to before.

At QS Search, we specialize in digital media marketing for the China market. With almost a decade of experience, we have helped 500 global brands successfully enter China through customized solutions. We can help you leverage WeChat's strong user search behavior data and advertising products to effectively reach consumers and achieve high conversion rates. Contact us at  to learn more about how we can help you target over 700 million users on this popular platform.

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