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The Chinese "ChatGPT" is ready to debut! Baidu's "ERNIE bot " will become publicly accessible in March
Source: | Author:Amie | Published time: 2023-02-17 | 1217 Views | Share:

Since the emergence of "ChatGPT" developed by OpenAI, an American artificial intelligence laboratory, it has quickly swept the world because of its excellent text generation and dialogue communication capabilities. In just 2 months after its launch, its monthly active users have exceeded 100 million, making it the fastest-growing consumer-grade app in history. By collecting information from millions of websites, ChatGPT can generate unique answers in a conversational, user-friendly way, providing users with content such as writing essays, writing code, designing business plans, and helping users complete some daily tasks. 



On February 7, China's leading search engine "Baidu" also announced that Baidu has invested in developing related technologies similar to ChatGPT, naming the project "ERNIE Bot". The product is undergoing final preparations before going live and is expected to be available to the public after completing its closed beta in March 2023. 


According to Baidu, "ERNIE Bot" will be the fastest to access its search service, a tool that will allow users to get conversational search results. As soon as this news came out, Baidu's Hong Kong stocks rose sharply intraday, showing that the capital market has deep hopes for Baidu's AI products. More than 110 mainstream media and platforms in China currently have announced access to Baidu's "ERNIE Bot" technology, such as iQiyi, Ctrip, Sina News, etc., as their ecological partners. 


Baidu CEO Robin Li judged that the development of artificial intelligence "has changed direction at the technical and commercial application levels" in September last year. Based on this, the industry speculates that Baidu search has already accessed relevant technologies. In March 2019, Baidu developed the Wenxin ERNIE 1.0 system. In 2020, Baidu Search began to apply the "ERNIE Bot" technology to empower search relevance, in-depth Q&A, and content understanding. Related functions have been launched or tested in Baidu search, including multi-answer replies, intelligent generation, etc. 

Meanwhile, 360, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, ByteDance,, iFLYTEK, NetEase Youdao, Kuaishou, and many other well-known Chinese Internet companies have also expressed their positions and announced their layout in ChatGPT and related tracks. The artificial intelligence boom sparked by ChatGPT has allowed people to see the powerful information processing, calculation, and learning ability of calculators. With the increasing development of artificial intelligence technology, it is believed that these technologies will be interspersed and penetrated in all aspects of human life in the future and profoundly impact our original life mode! 



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