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What are the new trends in brand marketing in the post-pandemic era in 2023?
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Have you ever wondered why performance marketing is less effective than it used to be? At the same time, why brand marketing has become popular recently? What ad product should you choose to help your brand stand out in China? In this chapter, you are about to learn the new digital marketing trends in China and why you should use Qihoo 360 Screensaver Ads when branding in China.

1. Brand marketing began to be valued by enterprises

During the pandemic, the popularity of performance marketing has increased significantly. It is because, in times of economic downturn, many companies wish to obtain instant conversions when posting ads. However, since 2022, this form of marketing has shown signs of saturation as it has become less effective. Miaozhen Systems, a leading third-party big data marketing technology company in China, recently released a report revealing new trends in brand marketing in China (see below). 

As shown in the bar chart above, enterprises have increased the percentage of investment in brand objectives. In 2021, enterprises invested similarly in brand objectives (79.0%) and performance objectives (78.0%), but in 2022, enterprises invested significantly more in brand objective (88.1%) than performance objective (82.6%). What urges companies to change their marketing methods? The answer is that brand marketing keeps their business growing despite the saturation of performance marketing, fierce competition, and the existence of many uncertain environmental factors.

Not only that, as shown in the pie chart above, 53% of the interviewed companies strongly agree, and 9.5% of the interviewed companies partly agree that the traffic of "performance ads" has peaked, and the cost remains high, which promotes the return of the value of "branding ads". The above data show that brand marketing is the new marketing trend in 2023.

2.1 Qihoo 360 Screensaver Ads is a powerful tool for brand marketing in China

To help brand marketing, Qihoo 360 has launched a full-screen advertising solution - Qihoo 360 Screensaver ads. When the computer is inactive for 5 minutes, the screensaver will automatically display some beautiful wallpapers. As of today, 360 PC has more than 5.3 million monthly active users (MAU). The amount of traffic it packs makes it a suitable tool for branding in China.


More than that, the Qihoo 360 Screensaver Ads accepts both movement and static and is full of immersion (see below).


2.2 Use real shots and recorded videos in Qihoo 360 Screensaver Ads to increase the audience's consumption desire

It is recommended to use photography instead of cartoons when placing static screensavers and to use recorded video instead of animation when placing motion screensaver ads. Real scenes and characters are often more eye-catching, thus increasing the audience's consumption desire. 


2.3 Add festive elements to your Qihoo 360 screensaver Ads to grab the audience's attention

Festival elements can also effectively grab the audience's attention. The image below is a good example. During Chinese New Year, the brand used a photo in its ad that involved Chinese New Year decorations, and inserted keywords such as "gift-giving (送禮)" to connect with the Chinese New Year gift-giving culture.


In addition, businesses can also add keywords such as "Good Lunar New Year Gift" (送禮佳品), "Lunar New Year Edition" (农历新年版), and so on. 

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