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Famous brands have been substantially penalized; keep these "Advertising Laws" in mind!
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Numerous incidents of organizations breaking China's Advertising Law have occurred since online advertising has swiftly become a major promotional avenue for businesses. Sony was fined ¥1 million in October for breaking the Advertising Law. As a result, business advertising behavior is an important area of legal control.


As a result, before advertising, advertisers must be aware of the following legal materials to avoid breaking legal restrictions : 

1. Shall not use the People's Republic of China's national flag, national emblem, or national song.;

2. Shall not be used the name of the state organ and the staff of the state organ;

 Case 1: politically sensitive content

3. Shall use words like national, top, best, and so on sparingly.;


Case two: a fine of $12.5 million was imposed for using restricted phrases and deceptive advertising in "far ahead."

4. Shall not jeopardize social stability, risk the safety of people and property, or harm society's public interest;

5. Shall not obstruct public order or go against society's good morals;


Case 3: fined ¥400,000

6. Shall not contain obscene, superstitious, terrorist, violent, ugly content;

7. Shall not contain national, racial, religious, gender discrimination;

8. Must not hinder the environment and natural resources protection;

9. Shall not include any other situations that are forbidden by law or administrative regulation。


Case 4: Involves the use of hot political topics

If an advertiser releases illegal commercials containing the content above, the advertiser will be fined between 200,000 and 1 million dollars. They will also have their business licenses and advertising registration documents canceled in serious cases, significantly impacting the company's development in China.

We offer advertising audits and risk assessments to our clients to assist them in promoting their brands in China, providing compliance optimization advice for text, graphics, and video material, as well as industry risk assessment counsel. 

Feel free to contact our marketing consultants to learn how to reduce the risk of your placement:

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